Designed as a proactive Business Intelligence & Decision Support Solution, myViewpoint utilises the power and performance of the UniVision™ Database Management System to unlock the hidden intelligence in your back-office solution, delivering information you can use.

Automatically monitoring your key business performance metrics, myViewpoint instantly alerts decision makers of any business activity not meeting expectation, via your PC.

myViewpoint pushes to decision makers focused and refined Business Intelligence, enabling tighter control of business performance and promotes enhanced confidence in decision making.

myViewpoint Features & Functionality

Creating & Personalising 'Desktops'
Create your 'desktop' (eg: Managing Director's Desktop') to suit your title or department. Then easily define the performance metrics you wish to monitor (eg Sales Reps targets achieved, enquiry to order conversion, supplier performance...etc) and define thresholds for their alert parameters.

By personalising your 'desktop' and thus what information is displayed, it is more effectively understood and saves valuable analysis time.
Decision makers need role-based information that is up-to-date, accurate and customised to their needs.

Business Performance Alerts

Providing an instant picture of business performance, myViewpoint's 'Traffic Light' warning system portrays a visual representation as to the 'health' of the key business performance metrics being monitored.

If a RED Traffic Light is displayed this warns of a breach of threshold and further investigation is needed. Critical data values have fallen outside acceptable pre-defined parameters.

Upon investigation of a warning light, drill-down for a closer inspection of area(s) causing the threshold breach. Pin-point the cause and carry out further analysis.

Transform Business Data into Decision Data
Enhance your decision making confidence levels through refined and focused Business Intelligence. Visually represent your Business Intelligence results in a wide variety of graphical displays.

Easily change the graphical display options to suit the information portrayed. For instance, Company Sales Reps performance is easier to comprehend using a bar chart than a table of figures. But a line graph is better for viewing the sales trend over time.